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Lady Gaga Hasn’t Read Any ‘A Star Is Born’ Reviews, But Bradley Cooper Did Read One!

Lady Gaga is on the cover of Variety‘s latest issue talking all about her new movie A Star Is Born.

Here’s what she had to share with the mag…

On how transformative A Star Is Born has been for her: “This has been a very transformative time for me. As an artist, there’s always a feeling of ‘Am I good enough? Am I making something honest? Am I making something true?’ There is a sort of stagnant sadness in me, wondering if I’m enough. Today I did not see that. I saw something different. I saw a clarity. I saw a truth.”

On not reading the film’s reviews: “My manager will sometimes text me little one-liners here and there. I’ll be like, ‘Stop it!’”

Bradley Cooper, on reading one: “I read one review, and it was horrible. It was from a place I grew up reading my whole life. And I just saw it on a news feed.”

On if she’ll perform “Shallow” at the Oscars if it’s nominated: “One hundred percent.”

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